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Hi friends this is satyam, I am going to introduce my https://satyamonline.in.

We are going to give very less prices to direct customer from manufacturer.

We are taking the material bulk purchases from the manufacturer with the help of our customers.

What is the Actual price (Manufacturer Price)?

What is the Tax (GST) price?

What is Super stockist price?

What is the Distributor Price?

What is the Re-sellers Price?

What is sellers Price?

What is the Customer Price?

There is very much gap from the Manufacturer to Customer.

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Manufacturer to Customer

See one thing if manufacturer price is 50/-

Government taken tax like GST 18%  Rs. 50 + 9 = 59-00

Super stockist price is Rs. 59-00+8-00 = 67-00

Distributor price is Rs. 67-00 + 8-00 = 75-00

Re-seller price is Rs. 75-00 + 8-00 = 83-00

Sellers price is Rs. 83-00 + 8-00 = 92-00

Courier charges Rs. 92-00 + 8-00 all together to Customer Rs. 100-00

Direct Manufacturer to Customer

Manufacturer rate Rs. 50/-

Government Tax GST Rs. 50+9 = 59/-

Courier Charges Rs. 59 + 8 = 67 – 00 all together Customer Price Rs. 67/-

There is no Super stockist,

There is no C&F,

There is no Distributor,

There is no Dealer,

There is no Re-seller,

There is no Seller.

We are providing all the items to customer with a reasonable price.


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